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TCLEOSE Intermediate Level Courses

Required for Intermediate Peace Officer Certification

Additional TCLEOSE Intermediate Core Courses:  2106 - 2107 - 2108 - 2109

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Officers who were certified on or after January 1, 1987 and who wish to obtain an Intermediate Peace Officer Certificate, must complete the following classes:

Child Abuse Prevention and Investigation  - Students will recognize child abuse theories and components of good parenting; identify characteristics of neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse; and explain Texas laws and legal issues related to child abuse and neglect. (TCLEOSE # 2105)    More Info...

Crime Scene Search  - The student will identify objectives, preparation, and procedures for searching a crime scene; diagram crime scene sketches and identify their relationship to photographs; and identify and classify fingerprints, types of impressions, and techniques for locating and developing impressions. (TCLEOSE # 2106)     More Info...

Use of Force  - Study of the use of force including psychological and emotional factors, "use of force" factors, force options, and deadly force. Also includes legal issues such as civil rights complaints, governmental liability, court decisions, and vicarious liability. (TCLEOSE # 2107)     More Info...

Arrest, Search, & Seizure - Topics include probable cause, detention and arrest, exceptions to search warrant requirements, search warrant principles and preparation including documentation and components of a probable cause affidavit, suppression hearings, and civil liability. (TCLEOSE # 2108)     More Info...

Spanish for Law Enforcement - This course is primarily designed to give the student the tools necessary to hear some words or phrases that could signal a threat and to respond verbally in situations where one or more subjects need to be controlled for the safety of the officer, the subject(s) and bystanders. (TCLEOSE # 2109)     More Info...


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