The purpose of the CJAC is to expand the role of democracy by giving citizens the opportunity to participate in the planning process. It is the intent of TRACS to establish a system of local review, comment, and prioritizing upon State plans, applications for federal and state financial assistance related to projects or programs that affect the local jurisdiction before the proposals are approved or funded. This CJAC acts as a source of expertise to advise the policy making body of Nortex Regional Planning Commission.

Membership of the CJAC shall consist of a minimum of 15 members designated as follows; two (2) representatives from Wichita County nominated by the Wichita County Judge, three (3) representatives from the City of Wichita Falls nominated by the Wichita Falls mayor and one (1) representative each from Archer, Baylor, Clay, Cottle, Foard, Jack, Hardeman, Montague, Wilbarger, and Young counties nominated by each respective county judge.

Members of the CJAC must reside within the Nortex Regional Planning Commission service area. Participation from each entity is encouraged. Additional at-large members may be recommended by Nortex staff and considered by the CJAC as necessary to comply with State and/or Federal requirements. The governing board of Nortex Regional Planning Commission shall consider such recommendations as they are presented.