Nortex Regional Planning Commission (NRPC) was formed January 27, 1966, under the authority provided by Article 1011m, V.A.C.S., of the 59th Texas Legislature, authorizing counties, cities, and political subdivisions of the State of Texas to establish regional planning commissions. The counties of Archer, Clay, and Wichita established Nortex in 1966.

Since its inception, NRPC has worked well in conjunction with local as well as state and federal governments. Past initiatives have been in the area of emergency medical services, alcohol abuse, maternal infant healthcare, and housing. Current programs have afforded NRPC the responsibility of implementing regional programs addressing aging, employment, 9-1-1 emergency services, solid waste, community development, etc.

Since the 1980’s NRPC has the instrument for reviewing grant applications that originate in the Nortex region. This insures that projects awarded with federal and/or state dollars are consistent with local and area wide plans. This review process promotes an efficient use of taxpayer’s dollars.